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Like everything else in the world, groups exist either in the context of a top-down involutionary flow, which is destined to die, or in a bottom-up evolutionary flow. When we talk of group and the group work, we talk of the latter. It originates from the former but goes upward against the downward movement of the former with the desire to climb higher and reblend with the source.

The formation of a group in this sense is in itself a miracle because, as stated by Ivan Karamazov in the Dostoevsky's novel, there is nothing in the laws of nature that brings people together. The increasing separation between man and man is a natural consequence of the "creative" action emanating from the above. It necessarily brings people apart as it is a flow from the One to Many. A movement in the opposite direction, which brings people together, takes place only when corresponding wishes are provoked in us through a contact with something higher.

We are here only for a very short time. In summer 2020, after evaluating the conditions, we, Plavan and Atimoda, tentatively closed our activities in Turkey.