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Plavan N. Go

Plavan N. Go

Plavan N. Go is the Japanese translator of "Beelzebub's Tales" and other books from Gurdjieff and the author of four books: the first on the Movements, the second on the enneagram, the third on Gurdjieff and esoteric Christianity, the fourth on the three ceners and three bodies of man. The second is available in English. He came in contact with Gurdjieff circles in the late 1980s, had interactions with some leading figures in the lines of transmission starting from Gurdjieff, and involved himself in the practice of the Movements at the Osho Commune from 1990 to 2001. He taught the Movements and led groups since 1997 in Japan, India, Russia and Turkey. Plavan spent a part of his youth in North Dakota, the United States, and has travelled widely across Europe and Asia, often on bicycle after pedaling  through the French and Spanish pilgrim route and also the Danube route in 2010.

Contact: plavan.go@gmail.com

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